Welcome to Digital Male Pinups

Welcome to my corner of the WWW!

My site is dedicated to men and the male form in Digital format. All works are created by me, using Daz Studio and for some scenes I create clothing using a program called Marvelous Designer.

Whatever your sexual identity, I hope I can give you some appreciation of my Digital Male Pin Ups.

Thank you for stopping by!

I create both SFW and NSFW pieces, some are available only in Digital format and some are available in both Digital and print.
Click HERE if you’d like to see more of the SFW pieces like the ones below.

If you’d prefer to see the NSFW pieces click HERE (NOTE: the ones below are censored – once you enter in the gallery and confirm you are of legal age, no works are censored).

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Digital Male Pinups

  1. This is a truly incredible site you have put together, Chris! You have been posting and sharing in my own adult oriented artwork forums for quite a while now. It’s terrific to see you have developed a place where we can acquire more of your fine work. Are you considering doing ‘custom made’ specific requests at some point in the future? I have a few ideas (or rather ‘themes’) I have been wanting to promote in some of my artwork and wrestling groups and forums, but have never found any more than a small handful of images that are exactly what I want. (grossly mismatched wrestling matches) for example: 265+ lbs. 6 and 1/2’+. perfectly fit muscle god against a ~5′ 4″ proverbial 98 lbs. ‘weakling’ who is used and abused and forced to perform sexually every which way imaginable.

    1. Thank you SO much, Robert! I have been approached a couple of times to make some commissioned work – your description reminds me of those really old-school muscle-building magazine ads where the muscle-bound guy is kicking sand in the face of the 98lb ‘weakling’ in front of his girlfriend on the beach lol.

  2. A few of these are just incredible like Orlando, Beefcake Throwback, and He looks Like Trouble. They, among several others, honestly just look like pictures of real people. In It Started with a Kiss I could easily be convinced that the the guy on the left is a real person and that you just created his companion and put him into that guy’s picture. Others, because of the faces, it’s rather obvious they are creations. But even the bodies on those are exceptionally well done. Very impressive.

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