About Me

I became enamored with Digital Art in my teens. It wasn’t until just over 10 years ago though that I started doing it myself using a program called Daz Studio.

Even in my teens I noticed a huge lack of works focused on men and the male form, and knew once I got started doing it myself that’s what my focus would be.

I hope you enjoy my homage to men and the male form in my digital world.

Welcome to my corner of the WWW!

My site is dedicated to men and the male form in Digital format. All works are created by me, using Daz Studio and for some scenes I create clothing using a program called Marvelous Designer.

Whatever your sexual identity, I hope I can give you some appreciation of my Digital Male Pin Ups.

Thank you for stopping by!

I create both SFW and NSFW pieces, some are available only in Digital format and some are available in both Digital and print.
Click HERE if you’d like to see more of the SFW pieces like the ones below.

If you’d prefer to see the NSFW pieces click HERE (NOTE: the ones below are censored – once you enter in the gallery and confirm you are of legal age, no works are censored).